• If you block a member, they will no longer be able to contact you through messages. When you block a member, you'll also have the option to report them. If you report a member, our Trust & Safety team will be alerted and will review the member's activity on the platform to ensure that they are acting in accordance with our Community Guidelines.

    Desktop Web
    1. Go to your Meetup group's page
    2. Scroll down to Members and choose Select all
    3. Find the person you'd like to block and choose their name
    4. Choose Block under their name
    5. To un-block the member, choose Un-block
    You can also block a member directly from a Message conversation by selecting their name and choosing Block. 

    Mobile Web

    - Open the Messages tab and choose the conversation with the member you’d like to block
    - Tap the three dots in the top right-hand corner and select Block

    Android & iOS App

    - Tap on the group's page, and click on Group Info to see the Meetup’s members
    - Find the member you'd like to block and tap on their picture or name
    - Tap the three dots icon in the top right corner of your screen and select Block 

    You can also block a member directly from a Message conversation by clicking their name and tapping on the three dots icon in the top right corner.
    Block someone from contacting me
  • Note: It’s currently only possible to remove or ban a member from the Desktop Web version of Meetup. 

    Organizers, co-organizers, and assistant organizers can choose to remove or ban members from their groups. Removing and banning serve different purposes, and it's up to the Meetup group leadership to choose which one is appropriate. 

    If you remove a member from your Meetup group, they can still request to rejoin.
    If you ban a member, they're removed from your group, and can never rejoin. 

    Whether a member is removed or banned, they’ll receive the same short message that informs them they’ve been removed from the Meetup group. Once a member has been removed, they cannot be reinstated. They’ll only be able to rejoin your Meetup group if they take that action on their end.

    When or why to remove someone from your Meetup group is a tricky question, and it varies from member-to-member. If you're just removing no-shows, pending members, etc., removing them instead banning them from the group completely might be a better option for you.

    Remove a member
    - Click the member from the Members page of your Meetup group
    - Click the Admin Tools dropdown to the right of their name
    - Click Remove member
    - Add a message to them of your choice — this will be sent along with an automatic notification that they were removed

    Ban a member
    - Click the member from the Members page of your Meetup group
    - Click the Admin Tools dropdown to the right of their name
    - Click Remove member
    - Check Ban from being able to re-join your group at the bottom of the check box list
    - Click Remove member

    You can also ban a member during the approval process, if your Meetup group membership is set to Approval Only. When you choose to Decline the member from joining, you can select the Ban Member option from there.

    Once you ban a member from your Meetup group, you'll find their profile added to the Banned Members tab in your Members list. You can also Unban members from there too.
    Remove or ban a member
  • To report spam to our Trust and Safety team, submit a report directly on Meetup. 

    What is spam?

    Spam messages are commercial in nature, website advertisements, and unsolicited. Inappropriate content can be anything from a derogatory comment to an offensive photo.

    Meetup considers any content sent to a member that is irrelevant, impersonal, unsolicited, promotional, or repetitive as spam.

    What is inappropriate content?

    Spam is different from an inappropriate, derogatory, or mean message. If you are reporting a message of this nature, please enter some information about the situation under Is there anything else you’d like to tell Meetup.

    Harassment and bullying are not allowed on Meetup. Meetup will honor requests to remove content that publicly shames or degrades a private individual. Members should first contact the uploader or the organizer to request that content be removed.

    Hate speech, supremacy, or behavior that incites hate or violence against individuals or groups of people based on who they are, or what their beliefs are, is prohibited.

    How to report a comment

     Desktop & mobile web

    1. Click Report or X next to the content.

    Android & iOS App

    1. Tap the  button next to the content.
    2. Select Report from the pop-up menu.

    How to report a message

     Desktop & mobile web

    1. Open the message you’d like to report
    2. Click the  button
    3. Select Report from the pop-up menu

    If the message that you are reporting is spam, then select the box next to This person is posting spam.

    If there is no specific content or message to report, you can report a member account from their profile page. 

    Report a member

    Desktop Web

    1. Head to the member’s profile
    2. Click Report
    3. Select the reason for your report from the drop-down menu
    4. Click Next

    Android & iOS App

    1. Access the member’s profile
    2. Tap the three dots icon in the upper right-hand corner
    3. Select Report from the dropdown menu
    4. Select the reason for your report
    5. Tap Next
    Reporting spam or inappropriate content
  • Meetup is a place for real people to gather around building real community. Meetup is not for unsolicited, promotional, irrelevant, or repetitive messages. Sending these messages doesn’t build authentic, lasting relationships between members. 

    We have filters in place to protect members from receiving messages that are not relevant to them.  

    Remember to keep it personal, unique, and human.

    Why did I get blocked?

    • You sent similar messages to many different members. This is considered spamming. (Hint: Avoid copying and pasting and try to keep messages personal.)
    • Other members reported you for sending inappropriate messages or spam. 
    • ​​You sent promotional offers or deals to members.

    I’m having trouble sending messages to another member. 

    Your messages may not be sent if you:

    • Sent messages to members who are not in your Meetup groups. 
    • Sent messages to your Meetup group that do not relate to that Meetup group. 
    • Sent promotional messages. This includes promoting your Meetup group to members who are not in that Meetup group. 

    Members can report anyone who sends unwanted or inappropriate messages. Our filters also notify us about this type of activity. Our Community Integrity Team reviews these reports and blocks accounts that are flagged repeatedly.

    Spam and messaging
  • We want the Meetup site to be an online community where people are respectful and respected.

    Threatening or harassing behavior on the Meetup site is incompatible with this and it is a violation of our Terms of Service.

    Unfortunately, we cannot control activities that take place outside our platform. If another Meetup member is engaging in threatening, harassing, dangerous, or illegal activity, you should notify local law enforcement authorities and the group organizer.

    You should also report this activity to Meetup directly at abuse@meetup.com.
    Harassment and bullying offline
  • Organizers essentially own and operate their groups. They often establish membership policies or ground rules for participation, and are responsible for moderating the content on their group pages. Organizers may also remove members at their own discretion.

    If you have been denied membership, you can always join a different group, or even start your very own and invite others to join it! Starting a second group in your area can be a great benefit to your community and we'll be here to help you every step of the way.

    An organizer won't let me join their group
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