Report an organizer, group, or event

  • If content related to your Meetup group or event is posted to a third-party site (ie. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) without your consent, you must contact that site directly to request its removal. Meetup is unable to take any action on behalf of any organizer or group member.

    Third-party site reporting

    Learn more about reporting content on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or Zoom.

    If you believe a member has violated our Community Guidelines on the Meetup website or app, please report that member using the steps outlined in our Help Center.

    Reporting content posted on a third-party site
  • If you don't like something about the way your group is being run, a good first step is to discuss your thoughts with the organizer. Some organizers love to get suggestions from members and might make some changes right away. Sharing your thoughts with the organizer (in a respectful way) is definitely the first step.

    However, it's up to the organizer to decide how their group is run. If an organizer doesn't take your suggestions, don't feel bad! It just means that they might have a different style than you do.

    If you're not able to resolve your differences, then you can always search for another group, or choose to start your own. That way you can organize it in the way that you think is best.

    Unhappy with an organizer
  • If you go to an event and the organizer doesn't show up, try contacting the organizer to find out what happened. 

    If you find yourself a member of an inactive group, you've got a couple of options.

    If you're on the group's leadership team, you may be able to rally other members to schedule an event on your own. You may be able to start a new group discussion, or send a message to your group members.

    In some cases, if you're not able to get in touch with the organizer and you feel they aren't organizing the kind of group you want to be a part of, your best bet might be to join a different group.

    Or if you're up for it, you can start your very own group and invite others to join it.

    An organizer didn't show up
  • Meetup's Trust and Safety team reviews all group reports and takes appropriate action based on our Policies and Community Guidelines. To protect the privacy of our members, we do not disclose the resolutions of these reports. 

    How to report a group:

    Desktop & Mobile Web

    1. Go to the group’s homepage.
    2. Group members should select You're a member. Non-members can select the three dots icon.
    3. Choose Report group.
    4. Select the reason for your report.
    5. Confirm with Next.

    Android & iOS App

    1. Go to the group’s homepage.
    2. Tap the three dots icon in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.
    3. Select Report this group from the drop-down menu.
    4. Select the reason for your report and tap Next.
    5. Write anything else we should know and tap Report.

    How to report an event:

    As local governments announce that it’s safe to meet in person, Meetup will support efforts in that area to host events.

    Desktop & Mobile Web

    1. Go to the event homepage.
    2. On the right hand side, scroll past the calendar and location info.
    3. Click Report this event.
    Reporting a Meetup group
  • When the main organizer leaves their position within a group, we refer to this action as "stepping down." Whether the action to step down was intentional or unintentional, Meetup will generally not reinstate the former organizer if another member takes over as the main organizer, unless specific circumstances arise.

    An organizer has the ability to pass leadership of their group along to another member. They can also close their group entirely or step down without nominating a specific member. If an organizer steps down without nominating another member, any member of the group is able to step up as the new organizer under their own organizer subscription plan.

    Organizer subscription plan goes unpaid

    An organizer can also be stepped down from their position when they fail to pay their organizer subscription. The default payment setting on Meetup automatically renews organizer subscription plans when they expire. However, it's possible that the credit card on file for the organizer's account will be declined or has expired. Meetup will attempt to charge the credit card on file three times, starting on the date that the organizer subscription plan was set to renew. Meetup sends organizers an email if the final charge is declined. After this happens the organizer subscription will lapse.

    When an organizer subscription plan lapses the account is placed into a two week grace period. Throughout this grace period, Meetup notifies the organizer through emails and on-site banners. The leadership team of the group will also see a notification banner on the group's homepage, warning them that the organizer is in danger of being stepped down. This banner prompts the leadership team to contact their organizer to ensure that they are aware of the situation.

    Group organizer is stepped down

    After the grace period ends, the organizer will automatically be stepped down. If the group has co-organizers or assistant organizers, they'll receive an invitation to keep the group going by stepping up to become the next organizer. If the group doesn't have any other organizers, or if no one on the leadership team steps up in five days time, then all of the members are notified that the group needs a new organizer and they are invited to step up.

    If the original organizer of a group is stepped down from their position, either intentionally or unintentionally, Meetup will not reinstate that organizer if another organizer has stepped up unless there are special circumstances. Organizers are notified before they are stepped down from their position, typically four to six times over the course of approximately a month. They are provided with ample time to take action and prevent being stepped down.

    If former organizers have concerns about their intellectual property, they can reach out to us directly at
    Meetup organizer is stepped down
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