• To join a Meetup group or attend a Meetup event, you need to create a free Meetup account.

    Creating a Meetup account is quick and easy for anyone, and within minutes you’ll be introduced to a range of great events in your area. It’s the best way to tell your future communities a bit about yourself, and it helps us match you with groups you’d be most interested in joining.

    To create a Meetup account from your desktop or mobile web browser, visit www.meetup.com and click Sign up in the upper right-hand corner. 

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    To create a Meetup account from your Android or iOS device, download the app, open it, and simply tap Sign up. It’s as easy to sign up as it is fun to meet up.

    And by the way, when creating your account, you have the option to use your email address, or just connect through your Facebook or Google account.


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    How do I sign up for a Meetup account?
  • After creating your Meetup account, you should receive an email confirmation from us. If you don’t get your confirmation email within 5-10 minutes of signing up, there are a few places to look for it: 

    • Check your Spam or Junk folders. Make sure your spam filter is set to allow incoming emails from Meetup. To be sure, you can add info@meetup.com to your address book or contacts list.
    • If you registered using Gmail, your confirmation may be in the Social tab of your Inbox.

    Request a new account confirmation email

    To request a new account confirmation email, please contact us and let us know you’ve created an account, but have not received an email.

    I didn't receive an account confirmation email
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