Group and event payments

  • If you’ve paid for member dues or event tickets, you can request a refund from your group organizer. Refunds are issued at the discretion of the organizer who collected the funds. Be sure to reach out to them with questions.

    To request a refund from the group organizer:

    For more information, please see our Payment Policies

    Next Steps

    If your refund request is declined by an organizer, you have a few options:

    If you paid using WePay, you can contact the Meetup Community Support team. When doing so, please provide the following information:

    • A link to the group in question
    • A link to the profile page of the organizer
    • Any relevant correspondence that took place via the Meetup platform
    • Any relevant correspondence that took place outside the Meetup platform

    If you paid using PayPal, you need to reach out to PayPal's support team for assistance.

    Please know that Meetup reserves the right to process refunds for member dues, ticketing, and other monetary transactions on the site, if the evidence provided clearly shows that expectations have not been met.

    If you have questions about requesting or processing refunds of member dues, please contact us directly.

    Requesting a refund from an organizer
  • We believe it’s essential for all Meetup communities to maintain trusting environments for their members. To ensure the integrity of the Meetup platform, we may process refunds directly from an organizer account - including member dues, event fees, and other monetary transactions.

    We want organizers to feel empowered as community leaders, so we will only take action if we determine that there has been misuse of our platform, or that the expectations originally communicated have not been met.

    Refund policy for member-to-organizer payments
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