• If you’re looking for a new Meetup group to join, you can search either by Groups or Calendar. Searching by group is a great way to find a community of people that share your interest. If you’re looking specifically for an upcoming event that piques your interest, then searching by Calendar will show you specific Meetups happening soon.

    Desktop Web
    - Head to the Meetup Find page
    - Choose whether you’d like to search by Groups or Calendar by clicking on your preference
    - Enter a search term or browse by category by clicking in the search bar
    - If you’d like to fine-tune your search click ‘Sort by Best match’ and select another option from the drop-down menu

    Mobile Web
    - Tap either Groups or Explore in the top navigation bar
    - Enter a search term or browse by category by tapping on the magnifying glass icon
    - You can fine-tune your search by tapping the v Down arrow icon next to Your groups and suggestions

    Android & iOS Apps
    You can search for Meetup groups and events on the homepage with the Magnifying glass icon labeled "Explore."

    Here are the primary filters you can use to find upcoming events: 
    - Tap a suggested event card to see recommendations in your area
    - Tap All upcoming or Browse by category

    Secondary filters allow you to search by:
    Keyword or category: Type keywords that interest you, or choose from one of our categories
    Date range: Choose a specific date, check out this week’s or next week’s events, or search for something to do this weekend
    Time of day: Morning, Afternoon, Evening, and Night
    Limit distance: From 2 miles up to 100 miles away
    Your groups only or all groups
    Sort by: See your recommended events first or sort them by date

    How do I find an event?
  • Your time is precious and we want you to make the most of it. Being part of the right Meetup groups makes it easier for you to spend your time doing the things that matter most to you.

    When you find a group you want to be part of, it’s easy to join. Once you do, you can connect with other members in the group, keep up-to-date with what’s going on, and participate in activities on and offline.

    To join a group:

    1. Log in to your account
    2. Go to the homepage for the group you want to join
    3. Click Join us on the homepage on a Desktop / Mobile Web, or tap + to join on the App
    4. Depending on the settings for the group, you will either be added as a new member right away or once the organizer approves your request.


    Joining a Meetup group
  • We know that things change, and that’s OK. Leaving a Meetup group will unsubscribe you from all notifications for that group and will prevent you from RSVPing to Meetups. If you change your mind, you’re always welcome to rejoin.  

    Desktop & Mobile Web

    1. Log in to your account
    2. Go to the homepage for the Meetup group you want to leave
    3. Click You’re a member
    4. Click Leave Group from the drop-down menu
    5. Optionally, you may write a message for the organizer upon leaving the group

    Android & iOS App

    1. Log in to your account
    2. Go to the homepage for the Meetup group you want to leave
    3. Tap the three dots icon in the upper right-hand corner
    4. Click Leave Group from the drop-down menu
    5. Optionally, you may write a message for the organizer upon leaving the group

    Recently paid your dues? Get refunded.

    How do I leave a Meetup group?
  • Meetup groups are powered by their organizers, the movers and the shakers who make events happen.

    To get started, organizers need an organizer subscription plan. From there it’s up to them how they run things. They decide what it’s all about and share important news for the wider group.

    While organizers are the force that keep Meetup groups alive, they do not have to do it alone. Some of our most successful organizers build a leadership team to strengthen their efforts and cultivate their community.

    Who runs a Meetup group?
  • Meetup is about connecting people with something in common. From activities you love and hobbies you want to try, to ways you identify yourself and who you want to be, a Meetup group is a community. A community of people who come together because they care about the same thing. Mountain climbers, first-time parents, aspiring circus performers, coders… you name it, there’s a good chance there’s a Meetup group for it (and if there isn’t, maybe you should create one).

    While the connections begin online, the real memories are made at events. Meetup events are real-life gatherings where members and organizers get together to connect, discuss, and practice activities related to their shared interests.

    Now you’re wondering how to get in on the action. Look no further than our Find page. There, you’ll find groups and events based on your location and interests. Join one, join ten. Join as many as you want. Your social calendar will thank you.

    What is a Meetup group?
  • The primary organizer of a Meetup group pays for their own organizer subscription. Every Meetup group must be led by a local organizer with an active subscription plan; groups without an active organizer will close after 14 days without a named organizer.

    If you have an active organizer subscription but are not the primary organizer of a Meetup group, your subscription is not supporting any Meetup groups. You could use your subscription to start and organize your own Meetup, or if you want, you could simply cancel your subscription.

    If you’re interested in becoming an organizer, check out the current pricing options in your area. Many organizers can also collect member dues and event fees from group members to help cover their costs.

    Who pays for a Meetup group?
  • All new Meetup groups are announced to nearby Meetup members shortly after they've been created.

    The announcement email is sent to members who have expressed interest in one or more of your group's topics, and have also indicated that they are willing to travel far enough to reach your group.

    For example, when a member signs up to hear about new 'Book Club' groups, they indicate how far away they would be willing to travel to attend an event. If they say they will travel up to 5 miles, we will likely not suggest a new 'Book Club' group if it was started in a postal code 10 miles away.

    But if the same member said they'd travel 50 miles, we will tell them about new groups that fall within that distance from their postal code.

    Generally, groups are announced shortly after they've been created and approved by the Community Team. This brief period gives organizers a chance to schedule a few events, upload some images, and perhaps establish Member dues for their group.

    New group announcements cannot be expedited or delayed.

    New Meetup group announcements
  • Why can't I find my new Meetup group?

    When you first create a new Meetup group, our Community Experience Team reviews it for content. We want to make sure it meets our Meetup guidelines. We typically approve new groups within 24 hours, at which point we announce your group to all local members with matching interests. Even before your group is approved, your Meetup group’s web address is already active on the platform, so you can easily invite friends by sending them the URL. If your group is approved, it will appear for other members on our Find page.

    We want all groups to foster meaningful, awesome experiences, so we won’t approve or announce a new Meetup group whose content violates our Terms of Service or Group Community Guidelines. If this happens, we will notify you by email and remove your group from the site. 


    New group approval process
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