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  • Why is Meetup asking organizers to get involved with voter registration?

    Meetup is a network full of people who show up and take action. We’ve seen what’s possible when Meetup organizers bring people together – your groups are powerful enough to make a difference! We’re hoping to harness that power to get eligible voters to the polls. That starts with getting registered — the first step in the voting process and one of the biggest barriers.

    This initiative is not a political statement, and it’s not about any political party or candidate. It’s about getting eligible voters to show up where and when it counts, so we make sure our members’ voices are heard.

    What if I don’t want to talk about politics in my group?

    We understand that you might not feel comfortable discussing voting with your Meetup members. It’s completely optional. If you’d prefer not to get involved, no action is necessary.

    My Meetup group is not about politics, but I want to support this cause. How do I talk to members about voter registration?

    Registering to vote is important for all Americans, not just those who are active in political Meetups. Everything you need is in this toolkit, including tips on how to discuss voter registration with your group.

    How do I add this discussion to my Meetup’s agenda and how much time will it take?

    We know your time is valuable and when you show up to a Meetup, you’re there for a reason. However, talking to your group about voter registration can take as little as 10 minutes. Please refer to this toolkit for quick and easy tips about how to integrate a conversation about voter registration into your next Meetup.

    I want to get more involved in this effort to help people register to vote. What can I do?

    Please fill out this form expressing your interests in supporting the initiative, and we’ll reach out with more information on how to get involved.

    Why did you choose to work with When We All Vote?

    When We All Vote is organizing a week of action September 22-29 that’s all about mobilizing grassroots energy and participation to get people registered to vote. Sounded like a perfect fit! Plus, they could provide all the information and resources we need to help organizers feel prepared.

    Meetup x When We All Vote
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