• If a member’s Message button is not clickable or missing, they may have privacy settings that prevent you from messaging them.

    You can choose to receive messages:

    • From any member of Meetup
    • From members in groups that you're also a member of
    • Only from organizers

    If you are unable to message a member then you are not in one of the categories they have selected.

    Customize your privacy settings to control who can contact you directly.

    Why am I unable to message a member?
  • Meetup supports the following desktop browsers

    If you're using an old version of any of the browsers listed above, you should update to the latest version or try a different browser.

    Note: Internet Explorer is no longer a supported browser. As of 2016, Microsoft has decided to permanently stop supporting Internet Explorer.

    Meetup supports the following mobile browsers

    • WebKit-based browsers: Default browser on iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) and Android phones
    • FireFox Mobile for Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod)
    • Opera Mobile for Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod)

    Beta versions of browsers

    If you're using a beta version of one of the browsers above, you may run into errors or bugs. We make sure our site is compatible with official browser releases.

    Viewing the full website on a mobile device

    If you're viewing the Meetup's full website on a mobile device, you may experience errors related to certain features. For the best performance on mobile devices, use Meetup on mobile browsers or the iOS and Android app. 

    What browsers does Meetup support?
  • If you’re not receiving emails from Meetup, there are a few possible solutions. Please follow the instructions in the scenario that applies most to you. 

    I’m receiving push notifications to my phone, but not emails

    When you enable push notifications, you will not receive the same notification by email. If you'd prefer an email instead of a push notification, you can update your push notification settings.

    I did not receive a password reset or account confirmation email 

    You should receive a password reset email or account confirmation email within five to ten minutes. Emails from Meetup may get caught in spam or junk folders. If you find any emails from Meetup in your spam folder, mark them as safe. If you use Gmail, make sure you check the social tab in your inbox.

    If you’re still not receiving the email after following these steps, please contact us and let us know which email you’re missing.

    I’m not receiving some emails from my groups

    If you’re not receiving a certain type of email update, like RSVP confirmations or event comments, check your email settings. Make sure that your email updates are on.

    You’ll also see a checklist of group-specific notifications. Select which emails you want to receive from each group.

    I’m not receiving any emails from Meetup

    If a missing email is not in your spam or social folders, please contact us and let us know which email you’re missing.

    Why am I not receiving Meetup emails?
  • A picture is worth a thousand words, so when it comes to reporting an issue you’re having with Meetup, we prefer to save you from all that typing. It also helps us see exactly what you’re seeing.

    If our Community Support Team requests a screenshot to detail an issue you’re experiencing:

    • Windows: Use your system’s Snipping Tool to capture a screenshot.
    • Mac OS: Follow these steps to take a screenshot of either your entire screen or a portion of your screen.
    • iOS: Refer to these instructions to capture a screenshot of the app or your mobile web browser.
    • Android: Follow these instructions to capture a screenshot of the app or your mobile web browser.

    After capturing your screenshot, attach it to your email to our Community Support Team.

    How to take a screenshot
  • There are a couple of reasons why you might receive an error when attempting to upload a photo to Meetup.

    Whether it’s for your profile, a group, or an event, photos must be smaller than 10MB and be in JPG or PNG format. If you're still receiving an error, try uploading a photo without any visible text.


    If you’re trying to upload a photo to a group's photo album, keep in mind that every album has a limit of 500 photos. But, there’s no limit to the number of albums a group can have. If the current one has hit its limit, just start a new one.

    Why can't I upload a photo?
  • If you are unable to send a message it may be because you’ve sent too many messages in a row, your messages were too similar, or your messages have been marked as unwelcome by other members or our spam filters.

    If your account has been disabled due to spam and you'd like to reactivate it, please submit a request here and select I can’t log in.

    You may also be unable to message a member because their Message button is not clickable or missing. This may be due to messaging privacy settings that prevent you from messaging them and is not related to spam.

    How do I prevent my messages from being marked as spam?

    Best practices for messaging:

    • Don’t send messages too frequently: Avoid sending repeated messages to members both inside and outside of your groups.
    • Don’t send marketing-focused messages: Avoid sending promotional offers, deals, or solicitations.
    • Don’t copy and paste messages too often: Avoid sending exact copies of messages to large groups of members.
    • Keep your messages relevant: Try to keep the topic of your messages relevant to a group's interests when sending messages to members.
    • Be appropriate: Make sure your messages are appropriate for all members. You can reference our Usage and Content Policies for more information.

    If you receive spam or an inappropriate message from a member or organizer, you can block them or report their content as spam. We review all spam reports and block accounts that are flagged repeatedly.

    Why am I unable to send messages?
  • You may notice a ‘meetup.ics’ file attached to announcement or reminder emails that you receive about upcoming events. These are specially formatted calendar attachments that we send to make it easier to keep track of your events.

    The attachment automatically gives you the option to add the event to your personal calendar program, such as Google Calendar or iCal. Keep in mind that once an event is added to your personal calendar using a .ics attachment, you won’t be able to view any changes made to that event, such as an updated time or cancellation. Those updates will only appear on the event page itself.

    If you’d prefer not to receive these attachments, you have the ability to disable them.

    Desktop & Mobile Web

    1. Click on your circular profile icon.
    2. Select Settings.
    3. Select Email Updates.
    4. Untick the box beside iCal Attachments.

    Android & iOS App

    1. From the Home tab, tap your circular Profile icon in the upper right-hand corner.
    2. Tap on the ... Three dots icon on Android or the Gear icon on iOS in the upper right-hand corner.
    3. Select Manage notifications.
    4. Select Email Updates.
    5. Untick the box beside iCal Attachments on Android, or move the toggle to grey on iOS.
    Disabling .ics calendar attachments
  • If your group’s organizer has enabled the group mailing list address, anyone can send a message and Meetup will notify all members who have email updates turned on. To start, check out Mailing list under the More tab on your group’s page.

    If your fellow members aren’t receiving notification of your message, it’s likely for one of these reasons:

    Is it your first time using the mailing list?

    If so, check your inbox for an email asking you to confirm you wanted to send a message to the entire group. You’ll need to click the link in that email to confirm and send the message. If you don’t see the email in your main inbox, be sure to check other folders (like Spam).

    Are you emailing from the right address?

    Your message will only go through if you’re writing from an email address we recognize as belonging to a member of that group. We do this to prevent spam from reaching Meetup members’ inboxes. So, double-check that you’re using the email address associated with your Meetup account.

    Does your email include an attachment that is too large?

    Messages sent via the mailing list currently have a total size limit of 2MB. (This limit includes the message itself, plus any attachments.) If your attachment is close to 2MB, there’s a good chance the message won’t send.

    Why can't I email my Meetup group’s mailing list address?
  • If you’re unable to stay logged in on your desktop web browser, we want to help you fix that right away. We have a few ideas of what may be at the root of the problem.

    If you’re still having trouble staying logged in after looking into possibilities above, please contact us below and send us an email. It would be really helpful if you would include:

    • Type of computer you’re using (PC/Mac)
    • Operating system and version
    • Browser (e.g., Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.) and version
    • Name of any antivirus and/or spyware software on your computer
    Why do I keep getting logged out?
  • What’s happening: Members are submitting event fees via PayPal, but they’re not being automatically marked as Paid on the Meetup platform. If you’re an organizer running into this, there are a few potential explanations:

    1. You have a PayPal Business Account: Currently, PayPal business accounts do not sync with Meetup. If you have this type of account, you'll need to either create a new personal PayPal account, or manually keep note of payments you receive from your members on your Money page.

    2. Your Instant Payment Notification (IPN) is enabled: If you’re using a personal PayPal account, make sure that your IPN is turned off.

    3. Your members aren’t clicking back to Meetup after submitting a payment: After a member submits their payment via PayPal, a link is provided to return them to your group page. If they close their browser or navigate away before clicking this link, the payment will be processed, but it will not be automatically recorded on Meetup.

    If your event requires payment in order to RSVP, you can manually change a member's RSVP to Yes and mark them as Paid. To do that, go to the list of attendees for your event, and edit the attendee list.


    If you're experiencing other problems using PayPal to collect member dues or event fees, we recommend contacting PayPal Support directly. Meetup's Community Support Team can only see what's going on with our side of transactions, so if there's an issue on PayPal's end, it’s best to reach out to them for help.

    Troubleshooting PayPal issues
  • If you need customer service, you can contact Meetup support anytime by submitting a request through our Help Center form. Before you submit a request, we will suggest articles that may answer your question.

    You’ll also find a request button called Have questions? Get help at the bottom every Help Center article.

    Contact Meetup Support

    Desktop and mobile web

    1. Sign in to the Help Center by selecting Sign in in the top right-hand corner.
    2. Click Have questions? Get help on the bottom of any article.

    iOS and Android app

    1. From the Home tab, tap on your circular Profile button in the top right-hand corner.
    2. Tap the Gear or Three dots button and then Help.
    3. Tap Contact us and then New or the Pencil button.
    Contacting Meetup Support
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