Login and password issues

  • Meetup suspends the accounts of users who have not signed into the site in over 6 months and whose email addresses are bouncing Meetup emails. These accounts are not receiving any messages or notifications from Meetup HQ or other Meetup members.

    Both of these qualifications must be met in order for a member to be considered inactive and the account to be suspended. Members who are having trouble receiving messages, but are still active on the site are not removed. Likewise, members who haven't logged in recently but still receive Meetup emails are not removed.

    If your account has been suspended for inactivity and you'd like to regain access, please contact us at the bottom of this page to send us an email.
    Inactive Accounts Deactivated by Meetup
  • We’re committed to keeping things real, human, and personal within all of our communities. In doing that, we block accounts that don’t support that mission. Being inactive for too long, or sending repetitive or solicitous messages isn’t cool, and doesn’t build the kind of authentic, lasting relationships we want for our members and organizers.


    Meetup might block an account for these reasons:

    • Your account has been inactive for more than 6 months
    • Your email address no longer works
    • You sent messages to other members that were flagged - either by members or by our filters - as spam
    • You repeatedly sent messages to members outside of your Meetup groups
    • You sent promotional offers, deals, or solicitations to members


    You’re an organizer and you’re having trouble messaging members one-on-one. What’s going on?

    Even messages from organizers are screened by our filters before being sent out.

    Whether the message comes from the organizer of a Meetup group, a member of the group, or someone else entirely, we try to prevent members from receiving messages that most of us would consider to be spam. As an organizer, try to keep your messages relevant to your Meetup group’s interests and personal. Your members will appreciate it.

    To prevent messages from sounding like spam:

    • Avoid sending copy/pasted content to multiple members
    • Keep messages limited to topics that your group is interested in
    • Don’t use Meetup to advertise other services
    • Keep your messages appropriate. If you think a member might not appreciate what you have to say, don’t hit send.

    If you receive spam or an inappropriate message from someone, you can mute, block, or report it. Our Community Integrity Team diligently reviews reports and blocks accounts that are flagged repeatedly.

    Why is my account blocked?
  • Note: It’s currently only possible to deactivate your Meetup account from the desktop web version of Meetup. For more information on data rights and how to request permanent deletion of your information, please see Section 6 of our Privacy Policy.

    If you decide to deactivate your Meetup account, we'll understand. But that doesn't mean we won't miss you; we'll welcome you back any time.

    Once your Meetup account is deactivated, it cannot be reinstated. So if you decide you want to come back to Meetup in the future, you’ll need to create a new account at that time.

    To deactivate your account on Desktop Web:

    1. Click on your profile icon
    2. Choose Settings from the drop-down menu
    3. Scroll to the bottom of the page
    4. Click Deactivate your Meetup account
    5. On the following page, enter your Meetup password
    6. Click Submit

    Once your Meetup account is deactivated, you will no longer receive email or notifications from Meetup and your profile will no longer be visible or accessible. 

    If you created your Meetup account through Google or Facebook, you will need to create a Meetup password before you can deactivate your account. To do so, click on the 'Forgot your password?' prompts on the log in page

    Deactivate my account
  • Your Meetup account is tied to a single email address, which we use to verify your identity and send you updates and information. It’s important that you maintain access to the email address linked to your account so that you can log in to Meetup, receive updates, and communicate with us if you need help.


    If you no longer have access to the email address on file for your Meetup account, there are a few options for how to update your account information:

    • If you know the password for your Meetup account, you can log in using your old email address and password. Once logged in, you can change your email address on your Account page.
    • If you don’t know the password for your Meetup account, you can log in with Facebook, so long as you’ve already connected Facebook to your Meetup account.


    To log in using your Facebook account:

    1. Go to the Login page
    2. Select Log in with Facebook
    3. Enter your Facebook account details into the popup window


    If you can't log in using the above steps, please send us an email by contacting us below. We’ll do everything we can to get you logged in to your account.

    If we’re not able to verify your details, you will need to create a new Meetup account using a different email address.

    Cannot access email address associated with account
  • If you’re unable to stay logged in to Meetup on your desktop web browser, we want to help you fix that right away. We have a few ideas of what may be at the root of the problem.

    If you’re still having trouble staying logged in after looking into possibilities above, please contact us below and send us an email. It would be really helpful if you would include:

    • Type of computer you’re using (PC/Mac)
    • Operating system and version
    • Browser (e.g., Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.) and version
    • Name of any antivirus and/or spyware software on your computer
    Why do I keep getting logged out?
  • If you’ve requested a new Meetup password but haven’t received an email about it within 5-10 minutes, the email may have landed in an unintended folder.

    Check your spam or junk folders to see if it could be there. Make sure your email client’s spam filter allows emails from Meetup. Just to be sure, you can add info@meetup.com to your address book or contacts list and try requesting a new password again.

    If you signed up using a Gmail address, be sure to check for your password reset email in the Social tab of your Inbox.

    If you’ve looked in these places and still have not received your password reset email, please contact us below and our Community Support Team will help get you sorted.

    I didn't get my password reset email
  • After creating your Meetup account, you should receive an email confirmation from us. If you don’t get your confirmation email within 5-10 minutes of signing up, there are a few places to look for it: 

    • Check your spam or junk folders. Make sure your spam filter is set to allow incoming emails from Meetup. To be sure, you can add info@meetup.com to your address book or contacts list.
    • If you registered using a Gmail address, your confirmation may be in the Social tab of your Inbox.
    • If you’ve checked in these places and still can’t find a confirmation email, just contact us below, and our Community Support Team will get you set up.
    I didn't get my confirmation email
  • You want to join a Meetup group or participate in a Meetup. Welcome to the community, friend.But first, you need to create a free Meetup account. It’s the best way to tell your future communities a little bit about yourself, and it also helps us match you with the groups with which you’d be most interested in meeting up. Creating a Meetup account is quick and easy for anyone, and within a matter of minutes you’ll be introduced to a wide range of interesting Meetups happening in your local area. Let’s do this. We’re excited that you’re going to meet up.

    To create a Meetup account from your desktop or mobile web browser, visit www.meetup.com and click Sign up in the upper right-hand corner. 

    To create a Meetup account from your Android or iOS device, download the app, open it, and simply tap Sign up. It’s as easy to sign up as it is fun to meet up.

    And by the way, when creating your account, you have the option to use your email address, or just connect through your Facebook or Google account.




    How do I sign up for a Meetup account?
  • Signing up and Logging in
  • We’ve all forgotten a password or PIN (or several) at one point or another. If you forget the password for your Meetup account, we’re happy to send you a new one to reset.

    To reset your password:

    Desktop & Mobile Web

    1. Go to the Login page
    2. Click Forgot your password?
    3. Enter the email address you use for your Meetup account
    4. Click Submit

    Android & iOS Apps

    1. Tap Already a member? Log In on Android, or tap Log In on iOS
    2. Tap Forgot password?
    3. Enter the email address connected to your Meetup account
    4. Tap Send

    Within a few minutes, we’ll send a new password to the email address you entered.

    If you don’t have access to the email address you use for your Meetup account, contact us below, and our Community Support Team will help you get back into your account.

    How do I reset my password?
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