• Meetup Pro is an engagement and insights solution that lets you manage your Meetup groups more efficiently. Pro’s dashboard and tool suite empower community managers like you to see member activity and easily communicate with your network.

    Key Meetup Pro benefits include:

    Community Intelligence
    Learn more about your community with views of member behavior at aggregated, grouped, and individual levels.

    Data and Analytics
    Track important network metrics like activity, engagement, and growth in order to determine what’s working and where there are opportunities.

    Centralized Communication
    Support, inform, and gather feedback from local group leaders and members either through the Meetup platform or via our integration with MailChimp.

    Network Visibility
    Showcase your community’s groups with a publicly-viewable network web page and map, allowing Meetup members to see what your Meetups are all about and where they’re happening.

    Learn more about Meetup Pro and sign up for a free trial here.

    What is Meetup Pro?
  • Both our basic and unlimited plans allow organizers to run 3 Meetup Groups on a single account. However, we're developing a new offering called Meetup Pro, which is designed for companies, brands, and organizations. Meetup Pro allows you to manage larger networks of Meetups from a single account. You can see what it looks like over here.  

    Meetup Pro organizers also have access to a suite of community building tools that allow you to access data about your communities and communicate more easily with members. 

    If you're interested to learn more about Meetup Pro, you can read about the product in more detail & sign up for a free trial on this page.

    How to organize more than three Meetup groups
  • Meetup Pro Subscription Fees are not refundable.

    If your Meetup Pro experience isn’t what you expected, you can request to cancel your Meetup Pro subscription during your 30 day trial by emailing pro-billing@meetup.com or your account manager. If you cancel during your trial period, we will not charge you for your Meetup Pro subscription.

    If your trial has ended and you would like to cancel your Meetup Pro subscription, you must make this request at least seven (7) days before the start of your next billing cycle to prevent an automatic renewal of your Meetup Pro subscription for the following month. You will still have access to a cancelled group’s information through the end of the current cycle.

    If you would like to decrease the number of groups in your network, you must close the unwanted groups at least seven (7) days before the start of your next billing cycle to prevent an automatic charge of the previous number of groups for the following month. If you are decreasing the number of groups in your subscription, the remaining groups will not be affected.

    To find details about your billing cycle or trial period, check the Organizer Subscription tab under "Settings."

    Meetup Pro cancellation and refund policies
  • Writing a good Meetup Group description is very important. It’s equally important to give your Meetups a consistent look and feel across your network. Meetup Pro allows you to create an appearance that is true to your organization on an individual group level as well as on the network level. 

    You can customize the description and social links of your Meetup Pro network by logging in to your Meetup Pro account (www.meetup.com/pro)  and utilizing the Admin Tools. To use this tool, tap ‘Settings’ in the top navigation bar. Make changes, and tap ‘Save’ when you’re finished. You can see some examples of branded Meetup networks here.

    If you would like to set a cover photo for individual Meetup Group pages you can learn more about this here.

    Branding a Meetup Pro network
  • Meetup Pro offers organizers the ability to manage a network of Meetup groups associated with an organization or business.

    Each network has a Network Administrator who controls network-wide settings and group membership. Additional administrators can be added to a Pro network at the request of the main administrator.

    Network Administrators can:

    • Make network-wide edits to all groups in the Pro network
    • Link or unlink groups from their Pro network
    • Adjust settings on the Network Profile page
    • Send messages to members of any group in the Pro network
    • View the email addresses of members who have opted in to Member Email Sharing
    • View network analytics
    • Create Meetup event templates—accessible on a group level to local organizers, co-organizers, and assistant organizers, or event organizers

    You can learn more about the Network Administrator of a Pro Network from the Network Profile. The Network Profile can be accessed from any Meetup Pro group’s home page by clicking on the name following “Part of” in the top right corner.

    On Meetup Pro, the Network Administrator is the main organizer of each group by default. However, the Network Administrator can choose to have local organizers manage the groups in their network (sponsorship model), or appoint local co-organizers to help them manage these groups (ownership model).

    The main organizer of a Meetup Pro group is identified on the Meetup group’s home page under ‘Organized by’ in the top right corner. 

    The Network Administrator may be a Community Manager for a given organization or business. They may not necessarily organize any groups themselves, but they do have access to the tools and settings of the Meetup Pro Network. Alternatively, some Network Administrators are the only organizer of their groups and manage these on their own. 

    Whether a Network Administrator is an organizer or not depends on the needs and preference of each network. 

    Meetup Organizers can:

    • Control group-level settings
    • Contact members of the group they organize
    • Schedule Meetup events under the group they organize

    Members can contact a Meetup group organizer from the home page of any Meetup group. They can also contact a Meetup Pro Network Administrator from any Meetup Pro Network Profile page.

    Meetup Pro: Network Administrators, Organizers, and their Members
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