• Use our API to integrate your Meetup presence with your own site. The Meetup API allows developers to use the topics, groups, and events hosted and created on Meetup in their own applications and mashups.

    You can get more information and acquire your API key here. Meetup Pro Organizers can also access Group and Member data via our API.

    Meetup Pro and Meetup's API
  • If you’d like to grant Meetup Pro admin access to additional leaders in your network, please email your account representative. Note that granting any individual this level of access gives them visibility into network-wide data and allows them use of all admin, organizer permissioning, and messaging tools.

    How do I add admins to my Meetup Pro account?
  • To access the page, log into your Meetup Pro account here: www.meetup.com/pro

    1. 'Members'

    This is your Meetup Pro communication tool.

    You can send targeted messages to members of your community based on membership status, behavior, or activity level.

    To use the tool, tap the ‘members’ tab in the top navigation bar. Search for members using the following filters:

    - Name
    - Location
    - Radius
    - Number of Meetups attended
    - Meetup Group
    - Join date
    - Last active
    - Organizer status

    Filters can be combined to find more specific cross-segments like ‘Members in New York who have attended more than 3 Meetups’.

    To select an individual (or a group of individuals) from a filtered list, check and uncheck the boxes beside the member’s name.

    To send a message, tap ‘contact [x] members’ in the top left corner. Fill out your message and tap ‘send’.

    Meetup will notify members of your message by email, and members will be able to reply directly to the email address on file for your Meetup account.

    To view your communication history, tap the ‘Sent Messages’ link at the top of the page. The following page will display the date, subject, and content of the messages you’ve sent using this tool. You can view the recipients list, and re-send a message to that list, by tapping ‘To: [x] members’ right above the subject line of a particular message.

    2. 'Groups'

    This is your Meetup Pro data tool.

    To access data about your community, tap the ‘groups’ tab.

    You’ll see search filters on the left-hand side of the page. You can filter Meetups based on the following:

    *Group name
    *Location & Radius
    *Member Count
    *Last Meetup Within [x] days
    *Founded before [date]

    These filters were designed to help you:

    *Identify inactive Meetups
    *See how new Meetups are performing
    *See how Meetups are performing in a particular country or region.

    You will also find a table displaying additional Meetup information on this page. Here’s what information is available for each Meetup in your Network:

    *Member count
    *Avg. RSVP count
    *# Past Meetups
    *Date of last Meetup
    *#Upcoming Meetups
    *Date of Next Meetup
    *Date Founded

    3. 'Templates'

    This tool enables you to create Meetup event templates, which you can save and share with local leaders.

    Creating a New Template:

    To create an event template, tap ‘Templates’ in your Meetup Pro navigation bar. Then tap ‘New Template’.

    Fill out the template name, event title & description, and tap ‘Create’ to save it.

    Once you’ve done that, your local leaders will be able to select the template when they schedule events within their Meetup.

    *Template name:

    The ‘Template Name’ field is for you to identify the template once it’s created, and to differentiate it from the others when you have multiple templates. Local leaders will see the template names, but members will not.

    *Event title & Event details:

    This is what members will see. The event title and details will be formatted in the same way as any other event.

    *Editing an Existing Template:

    To edit a template after you’ve created it, go back to the main ‘Templates’ page and select the template you’d like to edit. Make the changes, and tap ‘Continue’ to save your changes

    4. 'Settings'

    You can update all of the text fields and social links on your map page.

    To use this tool, tap ‘Settings’ in the top navigation bar. Make changes, and tap ‘Save’ when you’re finished."

    Pro admin tools overview
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