Collecting members payments

  • If you’ve paid for member dues or event tickets, you can request a refund from your group organizer. Refunds are issued at the discretion of the organizer who collected the funds. Be sure to reach out to them with questions.

    To request a refund from the group organizer:

    For more information, please see our Payment Policies

    Next Steps

    If your refund request is declined by an organizer, you have a few options:

    If you paid using WePay, you can contact the Meetup Community Support team. When doing so, please provide the following information:

    • A link to the group in question
    • A link to the profile page of the organizer
    • Any relevant correspondence that took place via the Meetup platform
    • Any relevant correspondence that took place outside the Meetup platform

    If you paid using PayPal, you need to reach out to PayPal's support team for assistance.

    Please know that Meetup reserves the right to process refunds for member dues, ticketing, and other monetary transactions on the site, if the evidence provided clearly shows that expectations have not been met.

    If you have questions about requesting or processing refunds of member dues, please contact us directly.

    Requesting a refund from an organizer
  • We believe it’s essential for all Meetup communities to maintain trusting environments for their members. To ensure the integrity of the Meetup platform, we may process refunds directly from an organizer account - including member dues, event fees, and other monetary transactions.

    We want organizers to feel empowered as community leaders, so we will only take action if we determine that there has been misuse of our platform, or that the expectations originally communicated have not been met.

    Refund policy for member-to-organizer payments
  • What’s happening: Members are submitting event fees via PayPal, but they’re not being automatically marked as Paid on the Meetup platform. If you’re an organizer running into this, there are a few potential explanations:

    1. You have a PayPal Business Account: Currently, PayPal business accounts do not sync with Meetup. If you have this type of account, you'll need to either create a new personal PayPal account, or manually keep note of payments you receive from your members on your Money page.

    2. Your Instant Payment Notification (IPN) is enabled: If you’re using a personal PayPal account, make sure that your IPN is turned off.

    3. Your members aren’t clicking back to Meetup after submitting a payment: After a member submits their payment via PayPal, a link is provided to return them to your group page. If they close their browser or navigate away before clicking this link, the payment will be processed, but it will not be automatically recorded on Meetup.

    If your event requires payment in order to RSVP, you can manually change a member's RSVP to Yes and mark them as Paid. To do that, go to the list of attendees for your event, and edit the attendee list.


    If you're experiencing other problems using PayPal to collect member dues or event fees, we recommend contacting PayPal Support directly. Meetup's Community Support Team can only see what's going on with our side of transactions, so if there's an issue on PayPal's end, it’s best to reach out to them for help.

    Troubleshooting PayPal issues
  • Note: Currently you must change the currency via your desktop web browser.

    1. Go to your Meetup’s homepage
    2. Select Manage group
    3. Choose Edit group settings 
    4. Open the Optional features section
    5. Scroll down to the Currency section
    6. Choose the new currency you'd like to use
    7. Save your selection by clicking Submit


    How do I change my Meetup group's currency?
  • Note: You must use the desktop web version of Meetup in order to charge an event fee.

    Event fees help cover Meetup expenses and reimburse organizers for their work. Even a small event fee is a great way to boost attendance from members who RSVP.

    To set a fee for an upcoming event:

    1. From your Meetup group’s homepage, select Create event then Create a new event.
    2. Under "Optional Settings" toggle Event fee.
    3. Choose a Method: Cash or Credit card.
    4. Confirm the Currency and Amount.
    5. Add an Additional refund policy.

    Tip for Organizers in the United States: Transaction Fees

    A small transaction fee is taken from the total amount an organizer in the U.S. charges per ticket. Use the following formula to determine how much you should charge in order to collect the desired amount:

    Amount to charge = (Desired amount to collect + $0.50) / 0.925

    For example: if you want to collect $10 from each member who RSVPs to an event, you’ll will want to charge $11.35 per attendee.

    More information about transaction fees can be found here:

    United States: WePay transaction fees

    International: PayPal transaction fees

    How do I charge an event fee?
  • Some organizers opt to have member dues for their group.

    Member dues may be used to cover costs associated with the group -- things like supplies for a project, rental of a space, or refreshments. Organizers may also use member dues to help offset the organizer subscription cost.

    If you're an organizer, it is entirely up to you whether or not to collect dues and how to use them.

    Please note that Meetup is not involved in the setting, collection, distribution, or management of these funds. They are a financial arrangement strictly between an organizer and their members.

    Member dues
  • Note: Only international (non-U.S.) organizers may use PayPal to collect event fees. U.S. organizers must use WePay.

    To have members pay a fee for your event using PayPal:

    Desktop/Mobile Web

    1. From your Meetup group’s homepage, select Create event then Create a new event.
    2. Under "Optional Settings" toggle Event fee.
    3. Choose a Method: Cash or Paypal.
    4. Confirm the Currency and Amount.
    5. Add an Additional refund policy.

    PayPal charges a fee of 4.4% for transactions outside the U.S. Please check with PayPal to determine exact fees for your region.

    How do I use PayPal to charge an event fee?
  • Some organizers choose to require members to pay a fee to attend some events. It is up to each organizer to decide if they want to charge fees, how to collect them, and how the money will be spent.

    Generally, these fees are used to cover costs associated with an event - things like space rentals, speaker fees, door prizes, or swag. Because organizers pay out-of-pocket for their personal organizer subscription plan to run their groups, event fees can also help cover those costs.

    Event fees
  • Note: You must use the desktop web version of Meetup to view payments you’ve received.

    To see a complete history of transactions for your group, select Manage group and then Manage money on your group's homepage.

    As an organizer, you can view all payments you’ve received across your groups from your Payments Received page.

    Filter your view to see just event fees, membership dues, or sponsorships by clicking the tabs at the top of the page. From the Member dues tab, clicking on the name of your Meetup group will show you all dues you've received from each member. On the Meetup events tab, clicking on the name of a particular Meetup will show you all payment details for that Meetup.

    How can I see payments I've received?
  • Note: You must use the desktop web version of Meetup to manage your Money page.

    As an organizer, you can track incoming funds from member dues, event fees, sponsorships, and also group expenses on your group’s Money page.

    To access your Money page:

    1. Go to your Meetup group’s homepage
    2. Click Manage group 
    3. Select Manage money from the menu

    To manually record a payment:

    1. Click Record a payment received beneath All transactions
    2. Select the type of payment you’d like to record from the popup menu
    3. Enter the requested information in the pop-up window and click Submit

    It’s up to you whether to allow your members access to the Money page or keep the information private. To adjust the privacy settings, you have two options: Make private to members or Make public to members. These display at the top of the page (the option that appears will depend on the page’s current privacy settings).

    Keep in mind:

    • Only the organizer and co-organizers of a Meetup group can add, edit, or delete transactions - regardless of privacy settings
    • Assistant organizers are only able to view the Money page if it is made public to the group
    • If the Money page is public, members can view transactions, but not the users behind each payment
    • Non-group members cannot see the content of the Money page, regardless of its privacy setting
    How do I manage my Meetup group's Money page?
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