• Update your credit card information

    Your organizer subscription plan automatically renews. When your subscription renews, we attempt to charge the most recent payment card saved for your subscription, so it’s important that you make sure the card on file is active and your billing information is up-to-date.

    To update your credit card information:

    Desktop & Mobile Web

    1. From your Organizer Subscription page, click Update credit card
    2. On the following page, enter your new payment information
    3. Click Submit

    Android App

    1. Tap your circular Profile icon from the "Home" tab
    2. Tap ... Three dot icon and select Account settings
    3. Scroll down and tap your organizer subscription
    4. Tap Update credit card
    5. Enter your payment information and tap Save

    iOS App

    If you started your subscription via the iOS Meetup app, you can manage your subscription via the App Store on your device.

    How do I update my credit card information?
  • You can view a full list of your receipts in the payment history section of your organizer subscription page.

    If you need a copy of a past receipt, you'll find a list of printable copies on your payment history page in the bottom left-hand corner.

    Receipt summary

    The formatting of your receipt will vary depending on your plan and location. The example below is a receipt for a 1-month unlimited subscription in the United Kingdom.


    Section 1: Order details

      • Order date
      • Billing cycle
      • Order number
      • Payment method and the last four digits of the credit card on file

    Section 2: Summary

      • Subscription type and price
      • Discounts (if applicable)
      • Tax rate and cost
      • Tax cost at your exchange rate

    Meetup Pro subscribers

      • Number of groups in your network and group rate
      • Credits from a previous plan (if applicable)
      • Credits remaining (if applicable)

    Section 3: Provided to and provided by

      • Receipt provider's name, address, and tax ID number
      • Your name, company name (if applicable), and address
      • Your Email address, tax ID number, and Meetup's tax exemption form

    For more information on tax collection and exemption review our VAT, GST, and U.S. sales tax policies.

    Section 4: Renewal information

    Understanding your receipt
  • All organizer subscriptions automatically renew, but your subscription may expire for two reasons:

    1. You cancel the auto-renewal
    2. The credit card on file for your subscription is declined

    If either of the above happens, your subscription will stay active until its scheduled expiration date. After that, your organizer account will enter a two-week grace period, during which you can always update your payment details to keep your subscription from expiring.

    When the grace period ends, you'll be removed as the organizer of your Meetup groups. At that time, we’ll notify co-organizers and assistant organizers of your departure, giving them first dibs to take over your organizer role. After that, we’ll extend the invitation to all group members. Your Meetup group will stay open under a new organizer, but if no one volunteers to lead, it will automatically close after 15 days.

    What if my organizer subscription expires?
  • Organizer subscriptions renew automatically. To prevent your subscription from automatically renewing, you’ll need to cancel your subscription from your subscription pageYour subscription will remain active until the end of your billing cycle.

    Canceling your subscription

    Desktop and mobile web instructions

    1. Go to your Organizer Subscription page.
    2. Click Cancel subscription.
    3. On the next page, click Cancel my subscription.
    4. Nominate a new organizer. If you don’t want to nominate anyone, click Deselect All.
    5. Click Cancel subscription to confirm.

    Android app instructions

    1. Tap Profile.
    2. Tap the three dots.
    3. Select Account settings from the drop-down menu.
    4. Scroll down and tap Organizer Subscription.
    5. Tap Cancel Subscription, then confirm by clicking Yes.

    iOS app instructions

    If you started your subscription on the iOS app, you’ll need to log into the App Store to cancel auto-renewal. Click here to contact the iOS App Store.

    From there:

    1. You’ll be prompted to log in using your Apple ID.
    2. Check your list of in-app subscriptions.
    3. Select "Meetup."
    4. On this page, you can manage your subscription settings for Meetup.

    What happens to my groups when my subscription expires?

    If you cancel your subscription, it will enter a two-week grace period at the end of your billing cycle. When that period ends, you'll be stepped down as the organizer of your groups.

    Once your subscription expires, we’ll notify your group's leadership members of your departure and invite them to step up as the new organizer. After that, we’ll extend the invitation to all group members. Your group will stay active under its new organizer or, if no one volunteers, it will automatically close. You can also choose to close your group permanently.

    Canceling an organizer subscription
  • You can manage your subscription from your Organizer Subscription page.

    From your subscription page, you can:

    Managing a subscription on an Android device

    1. Tap your circular Profile icon from the "Home" tab.
    2. Tap the Three dot button and select Account settings.
    3. Scroll down and tap Organizer subscription.

    Apple App Store subscribers

    If you started your subscription on the iOS app, you can manage your subscription through the App Store on your device.

    Managing an organizer subscription
  • The process of transferring ownership of a Meetup group starts with the current organizer and ends with the organizer taking over. The future organizer must already be a member of the Meetup group they will organize.

    Organizers can only transfer group ownership via their desktop web browser.

    Current organizer instructions:

    1. From the Meetup group homepage, select Manage group.
    2. Choose Step down as Organizer.
    3. In the search box, enter the new organizer’s account name who is taking your place.
    4. Check the box beside their name and select Next.
    5. Add a custom message for the potential incoming organizer(s) (this is particularly helpful if you have not yet spoken with the organizer you are nominating about transferring group ownership to them).
    6. Select Ask selected members.

    Your subscription will not be transferred to the group's new organizer. They must start their own subscription when they step up. After you’ve transferred your group to a new organizer, you can start a new group or, if you’re not organizing any other groups, cancel your subscription to avoid renewal payments.

    Nominated organizer instructions:

    1. Navigate to the Meetup group's homepage. You should be in the "About" Section from the top navigation.
    2. Scroll down to the "Organizer" section.
    3. Select Accept to confirm the nomination.

    Once the new organizer accepts the nomination, they will be the primary organizer of the Meetup group. They’ll be responsible for all group membership and support. At this time, the previous organizer rescinds their leadership role and becomes a member of the group, and can leave if they want.

    Transferring a group to another organizer
  • Meetup only issues refunds to eligible organizers who started a subscription on Meetup’s website or through the Google Play Store. Consumer protection regulations may apply to subscribers in the European Union.

    Refund eligibility

    First subscription payments

    Meetup will issue refunds for payments if requested within the subscription’s first 14 days. This does not apply to monthly subscriptions.

    Subscription renewals

    Meetup will issue refunds for renewal payments if requested within 30 days of the subscription’s auto-renewal. This does not apply to monthly subscriptions.

    To stop your subscription from renewing automatically, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

    Groups handed over to a new organizer

    Meetup will refund one subscription payment for organizers who:

    • Have stepped down as the organizer of their group and whose group has been taken over by a new organizer with an active subscription
    • Have requested a refund within the same subscription period as their group’s handover
    • Are not the organizer of any other groups at the time of the refund request

    This does not apply to monthly subscriptions.

    Requesting a refund for a subscription payment

    To request a refund based on the criteria above, please contact us.

    Apple App Store subscribers

    If you've purchased a subscription through the Apple App Store, all refunds are handled by Apple and subject to Apple’s Terms of Sale. To request a refund for an App Store purchase, contact Apple support.

    Meetup Plus subscriptions

    Meetup Plus subscription fees are not refundable. You can request to cancel your subscription before your next payment by emailing pro-billing@meetup.com.

    Meetup subscription refund policy
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