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  • How to Report a Bug

    If you find a bug or suspect something on the Meetup site is broken, please let us know. You can reach us thro...

  • Web Browsers Supported by Meetup

    Right now, Meetup supports the following browsers on the full site: Chrome 16.0 and above -- The newest ...

  • Can't Find My New Meetup Group

    It can take a few days for a new Meetup Group to show up in search results around the site because Meetup revi...

  • Mobile App not Working? Try This First

    If you're having difficulty using either the iOS or Android versions of the Meetup app, you'll want to start b...

  • How to Take a Screenshot

    Meetup's Community Team may occasionally ask you to take a screenshot of an issue you're experiencing with the...

  • Issues Uploading Photos

    With photos, most of the time the problem is either the size or format of the image being uploaded. To use a ...

  • Bouncing emails

    If you aren't receiving any email from Meetup or your Meetup Groups, your email handler might be bouncing them...

  • Disable .ics Calendar Attachments

    When you receive reminder emails about upcoming Meetups, you may notice a meetup.ics file attached to the emai...

  • PayPal Issues

    If you're experiencing problems with using PayPal to collect membership dues or fees for Meetups on your Meetu...

  • Mailing List Issues

    If you're having trouble sending an email to your Meetup Group's Mailing List, there are a couple things that ...
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