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How to Report a Bug

Last Updated: Nov 26, 2013 03:33PM EST

If you find a bug or suspect something on the Meetup site is broken, please let us know. You can reach us through our contact form, or through Twitter @Meetup_Support.

We'll review your report, and notify the HQ engineers and developers who can fix the trouble. They'll take care of it as soon as they possibly can.

We may also be working on it. You can review the list of known issues below to confirm if we're aware of the problem already.

Current issues:


The mobile app may crash for iPhone users with the iOS6 operating system or lower, when they are searching for Meetups.

Communication Features

When members update their RSVP with a comment, the email sent to event hosts doesn't include the posted comment.

Members might be unable to see the full RSVP list when using Good to See You for Meetups with large attendance numbers

There are issues with importing Yahoo! contacts on the 'Invite friends' page.

Display issues

Some non-English characters may not display correctly on promotional materials.

Some browsers may have trouble scrolling down on the 'Find' page when the 'All' filter is selected in Calendar mode.

Mobile issues

Meetups that are multiple days long may not show up on the iOS mobile app when occurring.

When sending a member-to-member message on the Meetup app for Android phones, the first letter of sentences is not automatically capitalized.


Recently fixed:

There are no longer any issues preventing members from RSVPing to Meetups that are requiring payment.

Monitors with lower resolution no longer cause a grey bar on the right side of Meetups.

Copying Past Meetups does not cause issues with editing date & time.

The 'Founded' date may appear differently for some groups on their homepage, from the Organizer's group profile.

Calendar on member homepage is showing correct Meetups when RSVP'd Yes is selected.

RSVP list not refreshing properly for leadership team members when using the Edit attendance feature in Tools

Meetups occurring before 2013 don't display year information

Mobile apps

iOS - Incorrect photo/comment pairing on iOS comment stream

iOS - Meetup comments aren't read aloud for members using VoiceOver

iOS - When viewing upcoming Meetups, some members cannot see the soonest upcoming events unless they refresh the app

When changing your status for an upcoming Meetup from Waiting List to No, the change might not save
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