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Transferring Organizer Dues

Last Updated: Feb 17, 2015 04:15PM EST

Organizer Dues plans are tied to the Organizer's profile and not to their Meetup Group. An Organizer can also run up to three Meetup Groups with a single plan in place, so when an Organizer steps down from running a Meetup Group, their Dues are not automatically transferred to the new Organizer.

That said, Organizers can transfer the balance of their Organizer Dues plan to another member during the step down process. Please note that this option is only available to Organizers with one Meetup Group.

When you’re ready to nominate a new Organizer, choose the ‘Step down as Organizer’ option from the ‘My profile’ drop down menu. Then, select ‘Transferring the group to another member’ from the list.

From there, check the box next to ‘Donate your Organizer Dues to your nominee’. Should the member accept your nomination, we will end your Organizer Dues plan and attach a coupon with the remaining value of your dues to their account.

If you’ve already stepped down as Organizer, and you’d like to transfer the balance of your Organizer Dues to another member, please contact us.

Tell us who should get the credit, and include a link to that member's profile.

With that information, we can take care of it from here.
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