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Schedule a Meetup

Last Updated: Jul 14, 2015 05:13PM EDT

From the desktop site:

If you're an Organizer, you'll see a prompt in the middle of your group's home page that says:

+ Schedule a New Meetup

Click on that line, then fill out the 'What should we do?' section.

You can also enter a description, date/time, and location, or you can leave any of those sections blank.

Click Schedule this Meetup when you're done.

You also have the option to use the Schedule a Meetup page, which is under your Group tools.


Using this page, you have access to all of the settings for creating a Meetup, including the Organizer-only options like waiting lists, event payments, and RSVP limits.

Once you're on the Schedule a Meetup page, you can expand all sections, or go through each section individually to fill out the details:

  • The basics: Name, Date, Time, Location, Description, and whether regular group members can make any future edits to the Meetup. When writing the description, try to indicate to your members what you'll be doing at the Meetup.  (Will it be an activity?  A discussion?  A presentation?)  You should also let me members know if they need to bring anything along.

  • Who's hosting this Meetup: By default, the Organizer creating the Meetup will show up as the Event Host.  If someone else is hosting the Meetup, select them and they will then have Event Host controls over the Meetup.

  • Automatically repeat this Meetup: Set your Meetup to recur weekly, bi-monthly, or at any interval you wish.

  • Charging for this Meetup: Add an event fee to cover your costs or pay vendors.  

  • RSVP settings: Set RSVP and guest limits, and enable a waiting list.  You can also set an opening and/or a closing date for RSVPs.

  • Ask questions when members RSVP: Only Event Hosts will be able to see your members' answers.  Asking questions is helpful if you would like to know more about what each member expects, or for matching members up for carpooling, bringing food or assigning other tasks. 

Fill in all of the details, and choose Schedule this Meetup now to publish it to your group, or choose Save as draft to keep what you've done so far in a Drafts tab on your group home page, which only Organizers will see.


From the iPhone and Android apps:

Organizers can schedule a new Meetup or edit an existing Meetup from their mobile devices. The mobile editor supports plain text only.

To schedule a Meetup through the app, navigate to your Meetup Group and select the Schedule a Meetup button. Fill in the appropriate fields, then hit Publish to add your Meetup to the calendar.


There are a few things you won't be able to do on mobile web or the apps when scheduling Meetups:


  • Add a payment option or edit payment options for existing Meetups. These options are only available on mobile web or with the desktop editor.
  • Add photos. Organizers will need to use the desktop editor to add images.
  • Create an auto-scheduled Meetup event, or edit a series of auto-scheduled events. These options are only available on mobile web or with the desktop editor. Note: Organizers can edit a single Meetup event in a series of auto-scheduled Meetups.
  • Suggest Meetups as a member.
  • Save drafts across platforms; a draft saved on mobile web or an app will only be available where it was saved.

Note: If you publish changes to existing Meetups with advanced formatting or html mark-up from your mobile device, some formatting (such as color and font-size) will be removed from the description across all devices. To retain that formatting, use the desktop editor instead.

You’ll find more tips on how to compose a great Meetup event description over here.
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