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Mobile: Schedule a Meetup

Last Updated: Oct 23, 2013 10:29AM EDT
Organizers can schedule a new Meetup or edit an existing Meetup from their mobile devices. The mobile editor supports plain text only.

To schedule a Meetup through the app, navigate to your Meetup Group and select the Schedule a Meetup button. Fill in the appropriate fields, then hit Publish to add your Meetup to the calendar.

There are a few things you won't be able to do on mobile web or the apps when scheduling Meetups:
  • Add a payment option or edit payment options for existing Meetups. These options are only available on mobile web or with the desktop editor.
  • Add photos. Organizers will need to use the desktop editor to add images.
  • Create an auto-scheduled Meetup event, or edit a series of auto-scheduled events. These options are only available on mobile web or with the desktop editor. Note: Organizers can edit a single Meetup event in a series of auto-scheduled Meetups.
  • Suggest Meetups as a member.
  • Save drafts across platforms; a draft saved on mobile web or an app will only be available where it was saved.

Note: If you publish changes to existing Meetups with advanced formatting or html mark-up from your mobile device, some formatting (such as color and font-size) will be removed from the description across all devices. To retain that formatting, use the desktop editor instead.

You’ll find more tips on how to compose a great Meetup event description over here.
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